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Zenesys is a leading firm in consulting talent development with footprints in India, US and Middle East.  ZENeSYS is dedicated to developing consulting talent via live case work.

Our ability to source the most interesting and challenging case work from around the globe makes us the indisputable leader and the most exclusive in the management consulting training industry today.


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Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive Landscape Analysis (CLA) tool, developed by ZENeSYS,  can identify best practices and opportunity areas for your business with amazing accuracy.

Using these goals and preferences, a grid is created to assess how each of your competitor is performing at each "Goal - Preference" intersection point.

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How Can Zenesys make a difference in my consulting career aspiration?

Zenesys has pioneered the talent development process for consulting industry. Three things are done uniquely at Zenesys which helps you ensure a strong Launchpad to make a career in consulting:

Provides you all the tools and knowledge needed to excel, in a very structured manner, that aids inculcation of these tools in your approach to solve business problems

Provides you an opportunity to engage in real time consulting projects for clients with real business needs. Thereby ensuring you market readiness and a realistic approach to consulting assignments

Provides you with a widely appreciated certification, thereby improving your credentials while presenting yourself to a potential employer

Is there any industry recognition and accreditation for Zenesys Certification?

Zenesys certified consultants have successfully made into top consulting and leadership roles. Not only this, with their improved problem solving and hands-on approach to business problems they have done exceptionally well in their roles. Also, Zenesys engages regularly with employers’ stakeholders to continuously improve the certification through their inputs and feedbacks.

As a result of our commitment to talent development and the competency demonstrated by our Alumni, Zenesys certification has gained wide appreciation and credibility in the employer market, especially amongst consulting firms.

However, due to constraints similar to those for certifications in Investment banking*, we are not entitled to name the organisations that acknowledge the certifications, in a public forum.

*Knowledge intensive certifications especially in Investment banking and management consulting need to respect the confidentiality and conflict of interest clauses. (Investment Banks and Management Consulting firms need to protect their employee and client infromation).

Can I work on Live projects after my certification is completed?

Zenesys certification holds lifelong accreditation within our network. You are allowed to apply for freelance consulting projects even after completion of your certification. In-fact after completion you will be working on Paid projects. Our clients have access to all your profiles, and they may even look to engage you for a longer period as well.


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